All You Must know About Humidifiers: The Ultimate Guide to Buy One

Excessively dry environments could be dangerous to your health, especially to your breathing system. This is why it’s important to guarantee optimal humidity levels, and the best way to achieve it is using a humidifier. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new one soon, there are a few things you must know first before taking any decision. In this article, we’ll share with you all the secrets to choose the perfect humidifier tailor-made for you.

All You Must know About Humidifiers The Ultimate Guide to Buy One

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How and when to use it

The humidifiers result to be especially appropriate to keep correct humidity levels in close or even open spaces. It is particularly useful to have one if you live in a place with dry weathers the most of the time. On winter, for example, calefaction systems absorb the natural humidity and in those cases, you’ll need for sure a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Humidifiers will help you to breathe better and to avoid any disease related to your breathing systems.

Humidifiers types

There are different types of humidifiers, and each one is designed to perform better under certain conditions. Depending on your case, you can choose between the following three:

Ultrasound humidifiers:

These devices produce cold vapor thru vibrations, which are generated when water drops vibe so fast in presence of ultrasound.

Evaporation humidifiers:

Vapor is produced thru water heating. This is done by two different ways. In the first one, recipients full of water are disposed on hot radiators and evaporate water drops. In the second one, heating is made thru electric resistances in contact with water; the same principle used on modern water heaters.

Ebullition humidifiers:

These humidifiers heat water to ebullition point to produce vapor. In simple words, is like boiling a pot full of water.

Special features

Ultrasound humidifiers are the preferred ones for everybody because they produce less noise in comparison with other two models. They also have low energy consumption rates and the possibility to adjust humidity levels with high precision. If you have kids at home, these are perfect for you, cause your children will be free of any burning risk in case of accidents.

It’s also possible to use this kind of humidifiers during summer, because they don’t produce vapor by heating water, so room temperature will not increase.

In case of nose congestion and other similar diseases, evaporation and ebullition humidifiers are the best for you. They can be very noisy and they could be dangerous for kids, so you have to be careful when using them and keep them out of children’s reach. They’re also not recommendable to be used during summer, cause they elevate the temperature.

When you’re already decided to buy your new humidifier, is recommendable preferring that one which includes an ionizer. colonizers spread negative ions to the environment to neutralize any polluting particle, enhancing air quality.

So, it is important to you to choose the best humidifier that better adapts to your needs, in function to the following aspects:

  • Hot or cold vapor.
  • Presence of children in the house.
  • Available budget.
  • Season of the year the humidifier will be used.

Best choices for babies

Humidifiers are especially useful with babies. Babies can be a victim of a breathing disease or infection caused by any air floating microorganism. Having a humidifier in your baby’s room will not only help you to prevent diseases but also will help to relieve any symptom if already appear.

If you want to be sure your baby will grow up in a secure germ-free environment, you can do it by using a humidifier. Keeping optimal humidity levels is the best way to take care of your children’s health.

To choose a humidifier for a baby it is important to consider the following:

  • Stop to think the pros and cons of each humidifier to take a wise decision.
  • Choose a humidifier with a higher capability to contain water to be sure it will keep on working during a whole night.
  • Babies are more susceptible to get sick during cold nights.
  • Choose those humidifiers with nebulization factors of 23omllh. This will be enough to cover a total area of 30 square meters.
  • Portables humidifiers are better than bigger ones, cause you can take them with you everywhere you go.
  • Choose humidifiers with vapor regulators which allow you to choose the proper vapor flux to control humidity.
  • Choose humidifiers which produce the less noise as possible. Remember a baby needs to sleep.

It is important to choose a high power humidifier, especially when you intend to use it on a wide open area. You must be careful to not choosing an extremely big device for a small space, case excessive humidity can produce fungus problems and condensation.

The bigger the capacity the bigger the time of use you can give to your humidifier. This is especially useful if you don’t want to be filling the water deposit over and over again. In average, a 2-litre deposit is enough to have 8 hours of unstopped use at medium power.

Filters must be easy to remove for fast maintenance. Also, water filling should be an easy work too. Humidity controllers are especially useful when using humidifiers with babies. Sometimes, babies feel uncomfortable under certain humidity conditions and thru humidity controllers you can determine the optimal levels your baby prefers.

Best humidifiers trademarks

There are thousand of options in the world to chose, but there are only a few choices which promise to be an excellent investment. According to Internet rankings, these are the best 5 humidifiers actually existing on market:

  1. TaoTronics High Capacity 3.5 Liter Humidifier.
  2. Chicco Humi Relax Humidifier.
  3. VicTsing 1.3 Liter Ultrasound Humidifier with aroma diffuser.
  4. TaoTronics High Capacity 4 Liter Ultrasound Humidifier.
  5. Medisana 60065 UHW Micro Nebulization Humidifier.

As you can see, not any humidifier you actually find in the market could be the appropriate one for you. There are lots of things you must know first to choose wisely. The action range, the season, the age of users, the size of the area, the temperature room, etc, etc, etc… There are hundreds of possible variables that could you change your opinion when choosing the right humidifier for you.

We hope this information was useful to you to find that special one.

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Samuel Bynum

We live in a very dry place. so, me and my family were so depressed that we were thinking about shifting. But thanks to unlitips post about humidifier we were saved.in here we learn about humidifier. a humidifier can humidify dry environment and can help build better place. we learned about the many types of the humidifier. we found that we needed an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. after that, we been living in peace and didn’t have to think about moving to another place.

Harvey Allen

Dry weather is really very harmful. especially for our skin. For dry weather, we feel very uncomfortable in our house. a long time in a dry place can cause skin infection. For saving from the hand of dry weather, we need something to humidify our place. For that, a cool mist humidifier can help. You can use those humidifiers that mention in the post but you also can use Pureguardian, Vicks, Canon’s product. This post helped me with my dry problem it can help you too.

Mary Cruz

I was so depressed and irritated all the time, Because of dry weather in my house. I needed a humidifier in my house. The weather was affecting my skin, nose, sinus. I needed to learn about it. So, I went online and found this website. It really helped me to find what I desire. Now I used VicTsing. It works so great, I don’t need anything else. My skin is better.

Andrea Byler

I am a single father. They both had a breathing problem. I had a serious sinus problem. To solve all this problem my doctor said to try a humidifier. So, I had to try. Then the miracle happened. We were all filling well. Most of the type is given in the post. There is also Impeller humidifier. A high-speed rotating disk spins water towards a diffuser, which breaks the water down into tiny drops and is released into the air as a fine mist.

Larry Dinsmore

I live in Las Vegas. Right now, it is the driest place in the USA. All the problem that’s happened for dryness, I’m suffering them. So, that why I thought of buying a humidifier. But I needed to know which one can help me. So, I googled and found this. website. It has all the info about which type I should buy. Now I can relax and purchase a humidifier.

Robert Steinberg

I agree with you, there are thousands of options to choose from. And the type you mention in the post are also the best. But there is also some other humidifier in the market which considers the best. Like URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy, Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist, BONECO Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist.


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