How to Improve Your Health by Investing in a Suitable Humidifier

Did you know that you can decrease your chances of getting sick by getting a good humidifier? Studies were done in 2009 and 2013 show clearly that viruses thrive in conditions where there is dry air. To this end, a season like a winter where the air is very dry can wreck havoc in your health. Therefore, ensuring that your home or space has enough humidity will save you the heartache. Viruses like influenza can be discouraged this way. All people both kids and adults need high-quality air to maintain good health. Therefore, investing in a good humidifier will make the difference. But this is not all, there are countless health benefits that come after boosting humidity in your home. This article will break down all the health merits. It will also give a few tips on how to get the right humidifier for your space. Remember, it is possible to buy the wrong humidifier; and knowing what you need first is the key. After some due diligence, you will be able to meet your needs as desired.

The health merits of a humidifier

How to Improve Your Health by Investing in a Suitable Humidifier

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A reduced risk of infections

As alluded to above, a humidifier will ensure that there is enough moisture in your home. Viruses and bacteria have a harder time traveling through the moist air. This is the reason why the transmission of infections is reduced when your air is moist. If you have children especially, you will be happy to take this proactive step in maintaining their wellness. All people will indeed reduce their chances of falling ill this way. Ultimately, you will save on the health bill not to mention the physical suffering brought about by infections.

Reduced sinus dryness

When there is dry air like in winter, your nose and throat could feel dry and tight. This discomfort is not just bothersome because it can make you vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. However, with a humidifier in your sleeping space, you can make sure that the sinus discomfort is not there. You will greatly boost your quality of life no matter the season. Keep in mind that sinus dryness is more uncomfortable when you are suffering from a cold.

Reduce the downtime after infections

If you have a cold or the flu, dry air can prolong the healing time. However, a humidifier will condition the air so that your nasal passages are kept moist. This is the right condition for faster healing. Therefore, downtime after infections will be reduced significantly. You will reduce your suffering all thanks to a good quality humidifier in your home.

Enhanced skin vibrancy

We are all looking to have and maintain a glowing supple smooth skin. This is not possible if you are constantly exposed to cold dry air. Your skin moisture is highly compromised in this scenario. A humidifier comes into the picture to resolve this problem. This way, you can retain the moisture in your skin reducing aging, dullness, itching, flakiness and a host of other skin problems associated with dryness.

Better comfort to manage asthma and other allergies

People who suffer from asthma and an array of other allergies will find a well-humidified living space more bearable. This is because their symptoms will ease up owing to the lack of dryness. Upper respiratory infections can be difficult to handle but one sure move is to make the air conducive this way. However, for those who have the above-named allergies, humidity should stay below 40 to 50 per cent to reap the desired benefits.

You can improve your sleep by using a humidifier. This is because snoring is discouraged thanks to the moist air. Partners who tend to wake each other up will benefit from this. In addition, moist air is warmer and this plays a crucial role in enhancing your sleep overall.

It is worth mentioning that a humidifier can improve the health of your houseplants and wood furnishings. Dry air is able to wreck havoc and to counter this effect, warm moist air will come in handy. There are so many other benefits to talk about. When you have established that you need a humidifier, where do you start? How do you decide on the right product? The following tips will shed more light. It is pivotal to take time to review different products so as to get a better picture of what you need.

Single room or whole house humidification?

You may want to have a humidifier for a single room or area. On the other hand, you may want a humidifier that is able to deliver warm moist air to the whole house. You need to consider your space needs so that you can know the actual size and capacity of the humidifier needed. The most popular choice is the room humidifier or the table top humidifier. This is a portable product that can be taken to any space for humidification purposes. There are many brands available and many of them will work for 24 hours without needing a water refill.

Consider the type of humidifier

There is a host of humidifiers in the market and they work in different ways to deliver desired results. For example, you will find warm mist, cool mist, and ultrasonic humidifiers. Knowing the specifications of each and how they work will go a long way in helping you choose the right product. Another consideration is the level of noise emitted by the product. Some humidifiers will make noise more than others. If you are looking for a bedroom product, for example, a quieter model will be ideal.

Another consideration is the type of maintenance required to operate the product. Many are easy to maintain and will need a regular cleaning to keep at bay elements like mold and mildew. Before buying, go into the detailed specifications to know exactly what is needed for maintenance and how much it is likely to cost. Finally, buy a product that is affordable while giving you value for money. With these tips, you will be in a position to enjoy all the health merits of a humidifier as earlier highlighted.

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Philip Mabon

In my house, we were always getting sick. We had to see a doctor almost every month. Then our family doctor suggests us of using a humidifier. By using the internet, I get as much info as I can. Then I find out that humidifier can reduce skin problem, sinus problem. The right amount of humidity can stop the spreading of dangerous bacteria floating in the air. It helped with my father asthma problem. Now he doesn’t have any problem breathing. By buying a humidifier we don’t have to go to the doctor anymore. This humidifier doesn’t even disturb our sleep.

Robert Ellison

There are so many problems caused by dry weather that we can’t even imagine. But the good news is, we can overcome dry weather by a little bit of effort. And that is humidifier. I had a skin problem. Now it’s gone. It also cures the problem of all the floating bacteria in the air of our house. If there is moisture in the air then bacteria can’t move from one place to another. it also helps them who snore in their sleep like me. Now my life is better.

Bradley Stewart

Finding the right humidifier is a hard work. Because there are so many things to understand before buying it. Those things are explained in this post. A humidifier can also be used for sore, scratchy throat, bloody nose, respiratory irritation. I had some of this problem, but now I am totally well and kicking.

John Thomas

There are countless things a humidifier can do for us. And not just us but also for those whom we love. Like kids, parents, pets. There are fewer things I would like to add in here about what a humidifier can do. Faster healing times, Healthier houseplants, Protected wood furnishings, No growling morning voice, Reduced heating bill, Fewer electric shocks

Amanda Guerrette

My health was getting worse, because of the dryness in my house. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t breathe properly. My skin was cracked because of dryness. I had lost hope for some time. But the doctor gave me hope and told me to buy a humidifier. So, I invested some money. Got the result out of it. Now my sleep is back, breathing is good and skin is smoother than ever.


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