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There really must be an app for that! Whatever “that” might be. These days, the world is shifting under our very feet, and this is less about catastrophic earthquakes and more about the changing energies of our contemporary technology and how the latest articles on computer and technology today might be old hat, tomorrow.

Not only is there an app for virtually anything you might need to know how to do, but each day a new trick of computer technology slips into the world as common parlance, making things a bit easier to do. But there is a challenge. And that is in keeping up so that you can always be conversant with most things and that your ability to be functional in the world doesn’t become obsolete. It‘s an ongoing challenge: you’re never on top of your game if the goalposts are always moving. The city of Surrey knows all about that and has proven it’s not afraid of it. Not by a long shot.

The municipality of Surrey has an important institution by way of a complex of vibrant and well-run public libraries, which have, over the years, taken the basic idea of a library to new cutting-edge heights. The institution today embraces the Computer Learning Centers at Surrey Libraries. First formed in 1927 as an experimental unit for rural library service, it grew with the help of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and a vote of confidence from the Library Commission of the time.

Latest Articles on Computer & Technology

Latest Articles on Computer & Technology

Fraser Valley was chosen as the place where this experiment would be launched, and the library officially opened its doors in 1930. The years passed, and the popularity and vibrancy of the library proved over and over again that the experiment was a resounding success. By 1933, libraries were mushrooming in most municipalities in the area.

As years turned to decades, the challenge of operating funds and cash-flow issues became a problem which was not easily resolved, but which remained integral to the library’s life. But with characteristic forward thinking, the library saw this challenge as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. The 19?os saw the Surrey library as one with several branches, dealing with reference and loading facilities.

The early 198os saw the library under the strength of a referendum in Surrey, split from being owned and financed by the local municipality and become a stand-alone district library. And from its launch as such in 1983, the Surrey libraries have been burgeoning.

Computers began to slip into the world of communication from the 198os, and Surrey library took keen notice of this. By 1984 the new Surrey library was fully computerized, with state-of-the-art technology, or the best that existed in the computer industry, then. It took another year to get the microfiche catalog up and running and having bagged an award for library excellence during this period, by 1990, over 140,000 Surrey residents were the proud owners of library cards and were regular users of the library.

But the librarians who were at the helm of the establishment realized that the computer was not only about organizing books and journals in alphabetical order, but it was also about technology training for the staff of the library and even more than that, it was about empowering the members of the public who were its users.

They also realized that the challenges were not only about making general articles on computers and technology available but that computerizing the system pointed the way for education, skills-development and a whole range of learning experiences to make everyone’s life in a technology-dependent world, that much smoother.

In 1937, the library system was updated, with new computers and WiFi access all round. The Surrey Public Library homepage, www.spl.surrey.bc.ca was launched a year later. Being acknowledged with all kinds of prestigious awards along the way, for everything from library technology to library excellence, Surrey Library was on a happily upward journey. By 2008, it was established that the library boasted over 260,000 card-carrying members.

ln redesigning the building of the Surrey Library, architect Bing Thom argued that libraries are no longer only repositories for books or conventional literature. It’s about studying, accessing computers, it’s about being a media hub rather than only a place you go to choose books to read, he said. With facilities for more than 80 computers, the library has a teen lounge and a glassed-in area for quiet study.

Today, computers and technology are headlined as an option for Surrey library users, and this is not just an option to read about. The library is immensely proactive in its learning and experiential offerings. Whether you’re a novice at using computers or a veteran programmer, there’s something here for you, in the library’s own computer classes, which offer everything from accessing the internet to downloading music, to learning how to build your own computer.

A vast majority of the users of these valuable services are elderly members of the community, who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience in their fields, but not that of computer technology- Here they are not only able to upskill themselves and keep themselves relevant in the workplace, but they can also do important things such as contact their family living overseas using skype or email, learn how to shop online, and basically empower themselves.

Surrey recognizes the very real value of a library, not as a room full of dusty old books that have slipped into irrelevance because nobody reads them anymore, but rather as an ongoing, organically growing establishment which has learning and education at its heart. And a contemporary library has the technology of possibility as the fully comprehensive nerve system of that organic entity.

Surrey doesn’t shy from acknowledging that a library should constantly be growing and reinventing itself. From competitions for young writers to collectors’ show and tell sessions, knitting and handcraft days to deep and meaningful technology tuition, Surrey library is so gung-ho about what the idea of a library is about, that it’s a pretty good reason to move there, all together. It’s all one needs to stay connected to the world: a real library that has moved with the times.

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